Adobe Page

Today topic was to do a modern twist on childhood stories so i thought what do i have now that i didn’t have then. The answer was a different hair color, tattoos and piercings and soon was i was a little kid again and making the disney movies how i wanted them to be.


So i thought lets see how disney character would be in this day and age where Facebook exist and we have hair color dye and tattoos and modern clothes. The results were so fun to see and look up. I really had a lot of fun doing this project. It really let your imagination run wild. I did not have much to edit in this process but what i did was use photoshop for all of my edits.

I really had so much fun from changing there hair color to putting them in different locations in Manhattan. Even at the end of the trip the are not the disney character that you once knew in the stories like Peter Pan , Cinderella, or Ariel the little mermaid. This Characters even have piercings!!!!!!. In the end i even changes the location of their castle because i mean can you see theses princess in the first castle after their change. They would stick out like a sore thumb. I would definitely work n adobe page again it was very fun. I hope to use this in the future in my profession sometimes or even if I’m bored.

Remember Keep Calm and Question Reality. Dream Big.



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