W0rking With Adobe Spark

https://spark.adobe.com/video/joRmI2d6RpymL/embedWorking with adobe spark was a new and interesting experience. Overall i would use it again if i had no choice in the matter. I would rather use google slides or powerpoint then this again The effects were nice but it was very limiting to the things that you could do. Even though in powerpoint you can not record your voice you can customize the effect you want to each slid and also change the font type and the font size. You have more freedom then you would in adobe spark. In Google slides you also have more leeway to do what you like.

In Adobe Spark you get a choice of themes and the animation that goes with it. I found out that i could not change the color of the slides or change the effects so it was very bland in design. I could not even move the words on the slide they were in one place weather you liked it or not. You could not change the color even if you want it to stand out or even make it pop. If you are a creative person it really limits you in what you can do or how you want the finish product to look. My end vision did not t all become my final project.

Sometimes in life you have to work with what you are given and make it work but I’m sure there are better programs that i could have used to get a better result. Though it was a new experience and i learned a lot of things from it

Just remember no matter what you do keep calm and question reality.


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