Getting to know the Unknown sister of Alice n Wonderland


We all know Alice the girl who went to wonderland,well that my sister, i know right you cant believe it It’s unthinkable, it’s crazy, it’s unheard of but all very true.  My name is Khaila the sister that is never mentioned in any of the stories but here the truth will he set free here.

We all know about my sister because of the movies and books. So you guys know she has blond hair and blue eyes. Me on the other hand has blue hair so right off the bat you know i have mad thoughts i also have brown eyes. Even though i was never mentioned in the stories you can not deny I’m her sister because we are both mad in a very sane world.

Now lets hear the story of a mad girl named Khaila that did not fall in the hole going after the rabbit but was invited in by the Chesire Cat.


So first you have to know that i try to be different and not conform to the  social norm of what society calls normal. I am me and no one else. I don’t try to me normal i accept the madness that the world has to offer and have a tea party with it. I love movies and animation and I’m not ashamed of that.

I know every word to the whole Spongebob movie and many of the Disney movies out there. People think I’m crazy because i would have a serious face as i act out the movie saying the lines word for word in time of the movie. My true friends act out the movie with me while my other friends sit their in shock not knowing what  to do.

6217477942a1c7391d76d3433e428c1a.jpgIf your like me you don’t like to read much and when you see long paragraphs it makes your brain hurts. So ill keep this very short and simple.

I’m a 21 year old girl whose insane in a very sane world so when i was invited somewhere better i took the chance running. Before i left the real world i was a college student who was a double major in Business and IT. i worked a part time job to pay the little bills i had and i explored the world when i had the time and chance.I liked to draw and daydream and of course i love to sleep. I love anime and was proud to be called an otaku. I hated when books became movies and they lose what makes them so great. I hate morning people like how can you focus so early. I hated how society put so much pressure on young minds to go to school and be successful when its not that easy. I hated how fast money left your hand.

I hope when the Cheshire cat leaves me in Wonderland like we know he will he will at least lead me to a house with and and a huge library because i cant live without that.


…….. Already im starting to forget details about the real world…. Is it real, Was it my world, How did one stay mad in a such confining world.




Keep Calm and Question Reality.





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